Climate Risk MBA Master Class

Climate Web Enabled

Climate Risk MBA Master Class

Covering the topics business decision-makers need to understand for robust climate change decision-making

Instructor: Dr. Mark C, TrexlerLanguage: English

About the course

Climate change is a “wicked problem” for business decision-making, generating physical risks, brand risks, regulatory and policy risks, liability risks, market transition risks, among others. Companies face unparalleled uncertainty, and big decision-making challenges.

But how can business decision-makers be up to speed on the MANY conversations relevant to business decision-making? From attribution science to carbon offsets and climate finance, from natural climate solutions and geoengineering to carbon pricing, from business risk assessment and low carbon pathways, the list is almost endless. 

This Climate Risk MBA Master Class includes more than 80 videos, helping you to leverage the 25,000 hours of knowledge curation represented by the Climate Web, an advanced business decision-support tool for materiality assessments, assumptions audits, scenario planning, and other decision-making needs relating to climate change risk assessment and management. 

This Master Class differs from another version of the course you may be familiar with on the Udemy platform: 

  • More in-depth content on topics like sea level rise, under-estimated risk, systemic risk, among others
  • In-person Office Hours with the instructor to discuss course topics, or explore course topics in the Climate Web
  • A 50% discount on Premium Access to the Climate Web to facilitate your exploration of topics in the course

Course Curriculum

Dr. Mark C. Trexler


Dr. Mark Trexler started working on climate change more than 30 years ago, and has advised clients around the world on climate change risk and risk management. He co-authored the first textbook on business climate risk management, used for a course at the London School of Economics, and teaching business climate change mitigation at George Washington University. He is also co-developer of the Climate Web, the closest thing today to a collective intelligence for business decision-making on climate change.


"It's amazing so far!

Kazy Mohammad Iqbal Hossain

"I find the knowledge presented to be outstanding, the visual presentation engaging, and the audio persuasively expressed."

Michael Totten

"The best digital course on any topic I have ever taken! This course will give business users a competitive advantage."

Heather Burns


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